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Written by Jimmie Epling   

Wow! I Didn't Know You Had That! 

By Jimmie Epling

We are inundated with information daily!  Depending on the expert you asked a little over a century ago, our collective knowledge was figured to double about every 100 years.  The experts now say our wealth of information doubles every year.  Some are now predicting in the near future we can expect it to double every 12 hours!  If these experts are counting as information all the Facebook cat photographs (an ancient Egyptian might think we still worship cats), the Twitter tweets of 144 character or less by politicians and entertainers (do you care what Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, or a host of others think), and the online only broadcasts by self-made YouTube celebrities (just how many have been able to quit their day job), then I guess it’s possible.  With so much information being generated, how does the Darlington County Library System get the word out to you about what’s new?

The Library is excited to offer our community a FREE e-mail newsletter called "WOWbrary."   Each issue of the newsletter showcase’s what’s new at the Library each week.  Discover new programs and services for all age through the newsletter.  WOWbrary features the latest bestsellers, DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, children's titles, cookbooks, mysteries, travel guides, health books, science fiction and more purchased by the Library.

The newsletter is one way for the Library to get the word out on the latest news and offerings available at the Library.  Just in the last six months alone, we offered over 360  programs for children, teens, and adults throughout the year.  Last year, the Library purchased over 12,000 print and electronic items.  Our challenge is reaching you with the news of what you can find at the Library.  You have so many choices in how you get information that is relevant to your life.  WOWbrary is one more way we can tell you about all the great things you will find at the Library.

When you receive your e-mail copy of WOWbrary each week you will discover upcoming programs you can attend and new items which you can borrow.  You can view the WOWbrary newsletter on your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  We recommend you start with the “Top 20 Choices” list for something good.  The “Top 20 Choices” in the latest issue included “The Martian” DVD, “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up,” The Name of God Is Mercy” by Pope Francis, “NYPD Red 4” by James Patterson, “Blue” by Danielle Steel, “The First Hostage” by Joel Rosenberg, “Fresh Start” by Joel Osteen, “and “The Real Paleo Diet Fast and Easy” by Loren Cordain.” 

WOWbrary offers much more than just the top 20 new items each week.  If you are only interest in certain genres or subjects, there are many to choose from in the newsletter.  The latest issue of WOWbrary listed what’s new at the Library in the area of DVDs (21), biographies (2), cooking (2), mysteries (17), romance (13), science fiction/fantasy (7), children's (51), teen (7), and graphic novels (21).  You will also find the Library has added four non-English titles to its collection. 

Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers can use WOWbrary as a resource for the latest materials available at the Library that are suitable for their children or teens.  Parents can print out the children’s list and use it as a selection guide during their next visit to the Library.  For many homeschool parents, the Library is their “media center.”  WOWbrary will alert homeschool parents about new resources appropriate for their children.  There is even a separate section on parenting.

Selecting what you want to read is now even easier with WOWbrary.  There is a great description of each item and a photograph of its cover.  Borrow an item is just a click away.  Just click on the “Borrow” screen button and you go directly to the item in the Library’s online catalog.  From our catalog, you can see if the item is available at any of our four locations, Darlington, Hartsville, Lamar, or Society Hill, or is checked out.  All you need do to reserve the item is click the “Place Request” button.  The item you select will be held at or sent to the location nearest you for pick up at your convenience.   

To sign up for the Library’s free WOWbrary newsletter, go to our webpage at  You do not need a library card to sign up for WOWbrary, but you will need one to reserve an item and borrow it.

In a world filled with so much information of dubious quality and fleeting relevance, our new WOWbrary newsletter is a great way for you to discover what’s new at the Library and experience a “WOW, I Didn’t Know You Had That!” moment.     

 February 1, 2016

Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 July 2016 )

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