By the Numbers
Written by Jimmie Epling   

Darlington County Library System:

By the Numbers

The South Carolina State Library requires the Darlington County Library System to report usage statistics for each fiscal year.  Below are statistics for July 2111 through June 2012.  

68,681 – Number of Darlington County residents

47,593 – Number of registered borrowers at the Library

·         There were 33,395 registered adult borrowers

·         There were 14,198 children registered as borrowers

11,024 – The combined hours all of the Library’s locations were open

·         That’s equal to 459 days

298,000 - Total of visitors to all the Library’s locations combined. 

·         That is the equivalent of 27 visitors per hour or nearly one every three minutes

320,847 – Total number of items borrowed by Library customer, including books, DVDs, CDs,                                           audiobooks, e-books, e-audiobooks, magazines, and more.  

·         66% of the borrowed items were from the adult collection

·         34% of the borrowed items were from the children’s collection

·         The items borrowed were drawn from a circulating collection of about 220,000 items

·         Every hour we were open 29 items per hour were borrowed across the system

·         The items borrowed included 2,221 items that came from other libraries in the Palmetto Consortium of libraries for our customers.  

·         The most heavily used location in terms of materials loaned was Hartsville Memorial Library 

3,477 – Total number of Library programs offered across the system

·         1,148 children’s programs, in-house and through outreach, to children and their parents and to daycares, Head Starts, and schools.  We reached 21,128 children last year

·         84 teen programs which reached 780 teens

·         316 adult programs that had a total attendance of 1,618 individuals

802 – Total number of times the Library’s meeting rooms were used

·         Each location has at least one public meeting room with tables, chairs, projectors, wireless Internet access, and more. 

·         Hartsville, Darlington, and Lamar have large meeting spaces. 

19,671 – Total number of reference questions answered using not only our print collection, but also                                  DISCUS, South Carolina's 24/7 Virtual Library. 

·         DISCUS is your online source for thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books available 24/7 for research from home at    

162,765 – Number of times the public computers were used across the system

·         On average, each of the Library’s 61 Internet accessible public computers were used 2,668 times

·         On average, every Internet computer available for public use was used 24 minutes of every hour we were open

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Last Updated ( Monday, 04 March 2013 )