Looking Who Visited the Darlington County Library the the 2015 Florence Comic Con Album #4
Written by Jimmie Epling   

 Look Who Visited the Darlington County Library at the 2015 Florence Comic Com Album #3

September 13, 2015


Yellow Eyes
V Is for Vengence 
Black Widow 
DC Fans 
Two Faries
Two Face Two
Steampunk Top Hat
Tunes Squad Basketball
Red Ninja
Red Mask  
Queen of Hearts 
Batgirl 2
Black Dress and Red Hair
Bloody Nurse
Blue Ninja
Deadpool Black Hat
Deadpool Again
Maroon Dog
Green Elf
Family Three
Father and Son
Green Costumed Woman
Female Manga Lover
Female Ninja
Green Arrow
Half Zombie
Hello Kitty
Jedi Knight 3
Joker 4
Little Miss Captain Ameirca
Three Dr Who Fans 
Mad Hatter
Maleficent 2
Star Wars Fan 
Star Trek 
Blue Face 
Young Jedi Knight 
Maleficent 3
Female Jedi Knight 
Red Ninja
Pirate with Sword
Orion Slave Girl 
Orange and Blue Reader
Orange Hair Reader
Pirate Guy
Purple Rabbit
Red Zombie
Starfire and Friend
Steampunk Star Trek Fan
Army Doctor 
Superman and Dr. Who Fan
Three Women Detectives
Three Children
Two Female Readers
Prince and the Princess 
Minecraft Woman 
Purple Guard 
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