Written by Jimmie Epling   

 Library Musings

Library Musings is a collection of weekly columns written for the

Darlington News and Press newspaper by Director Jimmie Epling


2016 Columns  


Borrow an "Internet to Go"

WiFi Hotspot from the Library


On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!

at the Library This Summer!


Millennials, Reading, and Key Life Moments


Reading Opens New Worlds for a Child!


What's Happening at the Library!


Manga @ the Library!


Breaching the Paywall Once Again for You!  


What's in a Brand?  


Write It, Publish It, and Read It @ the Library!


You Do Programs Like That at the Library?


Keep Calm, Visit the Library, and Read On!


Wow!  I Didn't Know You Had That!


Ice and Snow in the Forecast?

First Stop the Grocery Store...

Next Stop the Library! 


"Death, Taxes, and Childbirth!

There's Never Any Convenient Time for Any of Them!" 


What Will Libraries Be Like in 2100?


2015 Columns    


Calling All Indie Authors and Aspiring Writers

in Darlington County!


The Top 9 Non-Fiction Books of 2015

at the Library!


The Top 9 Novels of 2015 at the Library!


Cozy Up to a Good Book 


More E-Books for Children! Tumble Book Library


Six Easy Steps to Picking Something

You Will Enjoy Reading


The Library's "SSSH Free Zone"...

Children's Story Time 


Scare Up a Good Tale for Your

Trick or Treaters to Read This Halloween  


A Parent's Guide to

Last Minute Student Assignments 


What a Difference Friends Can Make!  


A Truly Great Library Contains...


Get Your Best Sellers at the Library


What You Can Do for Free at the Library


Where Can You Find the Justice League

and the Avengers Together?


Statistics Are Interesting,

But What Do They Tell Us


A Story Is a Work of Art in Words


The New 24/7 Library Branch


Print Vs. Digital Books - 

Does It Matter to You?


Secrets Behind the

Dewey Decimal System Revealed!


You Are Invited to the

"New" Darlington Branch Open House


Get Over 500 Free Online Classes

Now with a Library Card


The Library...Making the Summer Heat

a Bit More Bearable


We Have Done Everything But Read It to You!


"The Reports of Our Death

Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!"


We Are with You Mr. President!


The Thing About Words Is That Meanings

Can Twist Just Like a Snake


"Stop by Our Showroom Today for the Latest..."


Unlimited Possibilities at the Library 


Want to Raise a Non-Reader? Here's How!


Expand Your Horizons During

Women's History Month


Never Apologize for Being a Reader!


Here Be Dragon No More


A Donated Book Tells Its Story at the Library


Everything Is Better with Chocolate!


February Is Library Lovers Month!


It's Tax Time Again...What Will You Do?


New Year, New Library


"Slow Reading"...It's Good and Good for You


2014 Columns

"Tis the Season to Shop Smart...

Let the Library Help!







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