New Library Card Application
Written by Jimmie Epling   
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·   Reside at a valid address within the county.

·   Own property within the county and show a current real estate property tax receipt.

·   Employed within the County and provide proof of that employment.

·   A library card holder in good standing with a consortium member or an individual library with which the Library has a reciprocal borrowing agreement.

·   College students residing at temporary dormitory or other addresses within Darlington County are exempt from the non-resident fee if they provide proof of enrollment.  The card must be renewed annually with proof of enrollment.


·   Hotels, motels, shelters, and other temporary housing are not considered to be permanent addresses except for residential managers of such facilities.

·   Post office boxes are acceptable as mailing addresses only and may not be used as proof of residency.


·   New applicant must provide verification of identity by showing a picture ID and something with a current address, property ownership, or employment within the county.  Acceptable as proof of address are:  driver’s license, printed check, utility receipt, rent receipt, voter registration card, telephone credit card with imprinted address, hunting/fishing license, insurance card, computer generated mail with name and address postmarked within the last 30 days.  Not acceptable as proof are: personal mail, library cards, hand-written receipts (unless verified by staff), and business cards.

·   The applicant must sign the application acknowledging that all information is correct and that he or she accepts responsibility for all use made of the card.  The applicant’s signature on the application form and on the library card itself is a promise to abide by all Library policies and to notify the Library of any change of status (name, address, etc.) or the loss or theft of the card.

·   A person who cannot provide proof of current address may fill out a postcard which the Library will mail to the address.  When the patron returns the postcard to the Library, the postmarked card is considered as proof of address.

·   A non-resident customer from a consortium member or an individual library with which we have reciprocal borrowing agreement must present a current, valid card from their home library at the time of registration.

·   A Library card is valid for three years.  The Library reserves the right to annually confirm a customer’s residency status and contact information.


·   Standard card issued to a resident, property owner, someone employed in Darlington County, or a holder of a card from a consortium member or an individual library with which we have a reciprocal borrowing agreement.


·   If the applicant is 17 years old or younger, a minor, the application must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.    

·   The parent or guardian may submit a written request that the minor’s borrowing privileges be restricted to items.

·   When registering a minor child, the parent or guardian must show their own photo ID, proof of family address and verification of a child’s identity with a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, immunization record, passport, or something equally legally binding.

·   When a parent or guardian applies for a child’s card but does not have verification of the child’s identity, borrowing is limited to two (2) items.  Normal borrowing privileges will be provided once adequate ID is provided.    

·   The Library offers restrictions on the Library privileges of minor children for the responsible parent or guardian.

·   The signing parent or guardian is financially responsible for all the materials borrowed by the minor child.

·   The signing parent or guardian has the right to review the minor child’s borrowing records by presenting the minor’s card number.

·   The Library maintains that it is the sole responsibility of the signing parent or guardian to monitor what content and/or materials their child accesses at or borrows from the Library.

·   A minor is issued a new Non-fee card at 18 years of age or older upon completion of a new application form.

·   The former minor’s record is eliminated, along with records of all fines, unreturned materials, and other issues.