Explore the world of animals through the Darlington County Library System’s annual Summer Reading and Learning Program.  This year’s theme is “Tails and Tales.”  This free two month Explore the World of Animals with Tails and Tales Summer Reading and Learning Program at the Library! 1 series of special programs kicks off on June 1st with the opening of registration for children, teens, and adults to read to earn prizes and a series of special summer programs beginning with a virtual visit from the Riverbank Zoo on June 23rd at 11 a.m.

The Library sponsors a summer reading program for children every year.  The 2020 Summer Reading and Learning Program was unique.  “This year’s Summer Reading and Learning Program, “Tails and Tales,” will be a return to an in-person program at our libraries.  While we will have a couple of virtual events at the program’s beginning,” according to Director Jimmie Epling, “there will be in-person programs in July and early August.”

Director Epling went on to say, “You are limited in how you can interact with children when it cannot be in-person.  Helping children, and adults, discover something that sparks their interest and imagination is tough when their access to the library is limited.  You can only do so much through virtual programming.  We have all missed the opportunities and connections made though in-person interaction because of the pandemic.”

“It has been a tough year for learning,” said Director Epling.  “With children limited to virtual classes.  Many children have fallen behind.  As any teacher will tell you, children need to continue to read during the summer break to maintain their reading skills, otherwise they may experience the “Summer Slide” in their reading skills.  This fact has never been so obvious as it is now.  If a child does not continue to read during their summer vacation this year, the child’s reading skills may slip two months or more behind where a child should be at the end of a normal school year.  Many are behind where they should be now and will be even farther behind in the coming school year unless they hone their reading skills this summer.  We want to inspire children and teens to continue reading during their time off this summer with our program.    This is one way we can help Darlington County’s children be successful.”

Children, teens, and adults can register to join the fun by visiting any location of the Library or by going to our webpage at www.darlington-lib.org.  Choose your age group, “Beginners” (0-5 years old), “Children” (6-12 years old), “Teens” (13–17 years old), or “Adults” (18-older).  When you register online you will find a link to the 2021 Summer Reading and Learning Program’s treasure map, schedule of special events, and a prize list.

This year all you need do is record the time you read to earn five colorful animal badges to display on a special “Tails and Tales” lanyard and become eligible for the grand prize drawing in your age group at the location you registered for the program.  You can earn an animal badge when you have read the required minutes (180, 360, 540, 720, and 900) and the “Darcy’s Helper” badge when you perform a community service.  Check out the badges and the possible prize you may win by going to the Library’s webpage at www.darlington-lib.org.

Our series of fun special summer reading programs begins June 7th and runs through the first week of August.  Each location of the Library, Darlington, Hartsville, Lamar, and Society Hill, will have special programs every week, just check their individual schedules for details.  Here are the VERY special programs the Library has planned:

  • The first program in the series will be a virtual visit to Riverbanks Zoo to discover some of their special animal friends on June 23rd at 11 a.m.
  • Join us at 11 a.m. for a virtual visit to the Tally-Ho Equestrian Center on June 30th.
  • Week of July 6th – 9th  Math Camp @ Darlington July 6th-9th; Summer Reading Extravaganza and Puppet Show @ Hartsville July 7th; Create-ure Feature STEM @ Lamar July 7th; Outdoor Games @ Society Hill  July 6th
  • Week of July 12-16th  Black Creek Wildlife Center @ Darlington Lamar, and Society Hill July 13th and 14th;  Columbia Marionettes – Tortoise and the Hare @ Hartsville July 14th
  • Week of July 20th-23rd  DCSD Bloodhounds @ Darlington Lamar, and Society Hill July 20th and 21st;  Jeff the Mime @ Hartsville July 21st
  • Week of July 27th-30th  Professor Whizzpop @ Darlington and Lamar July 27th and Hartsville and Society Hill July 28th
  • Our special summer programs will wrap up with an in-person visit by the South Carolina Aquarium’s “Critter Call” @ Hartsville and Society Hill on August 2nd  and @ Darlington and Lamar on August 3rd.  Meet live animals and learn all about how their tail helps them survive.

For a full schedule of programs and times for each Library, go to our website at www.darlington-lib.org.  The treasure map to track your reading and a complete prize list may be found on the website as well.

The staff of the Darlington County Library System always looks forward to the summer reading program.  This year we want everyone to discover the wonders of the animal world at the Library through reading, listening, and watching and by becoming part of the “Tails and Tales” 2021 Summer Reading and Learning Program.

For more information, call or visit the Library’s branches or visit our website at www.darlington-lib.org.

Darlington                  204 North Main Street, Darlington             (843) 398-4940

Hartsville                   147 West College Avenue, Hartsville       (843) 332-5115

Lamar                         103 East Main Street, Lamar                      (843) 326-5524

Society Hill                114 Carrigan Street, Society Hill               (843) 378-0026