The Darlington County Library System is happy to offer a Curbside Pickup Service for books, audiobooks, DVDs, and printouts / faxes / documents.

How the “Curbside Pickup Service” Works

• This service is available at all locations of the Library. You may call or e-mail the Library location nearest you to request items for pickup.

• Books, Audiobooks, and/or DVDs
– A valid library card is required.
– Go to our online catalog by clicking HERE. to determine if we have the book(s), audiobook(s), and/or DVD(s) you want.
– A maximum of five items per request per customer per day, with a maximum of five alternate items.
– You may make your requests online by completing and submitting the “Curbside Pickup” form by clicking on HERE.

• Online Generic Documents, Faxes, or a Copy of Select Pages
– A valid photo ID or library card is required
– You may request from the Library’s reference staff via e- mail or phone a print out of an online generic document (print ready, no login ins, specific tax form number,
application, etc.), to receive a fax, or make a copy of selected pages from a book.
– There is a maximum of ten pages per customer per day.
– There is no fee.

• When your request has been filled, the Library’s staff will contact you to schedule a pickup time.
– We will process your request for “Curbside Pickup.”

• When you come to pick up your items:
– Be sure to have your library card or a photo ID with you.
– Come to the main entrance of the Library location you have selected for pickup at your appointed time.
– Park your car at the entrance to the Library location you have selected for pickup.
– Your items May be placed outside the main entrance for you to pick up.
– Show your library card or photo ID to confirm pickup.

• If you miss your pickup time, please call or e-mail to arrange another pickup time.

• Return all items to the outdoor book drop at the Library.